Bridge Eight Press is an independent publishing company with a two-part mission: to enrich the community in Jacksonville, FL with literary arts culture, and to be the voice of NE Florida in the national literary community. 

We publish prose and poetry from all over the US (and the world) that both celebrates and connects our intersecting cultures and beliefs. 

Thanks in advance for entrusting us with your work. 


Bridge Eight Editors

We tend to accept stories between 1,000 & 2500 words in length. 

Beyond that, we’re seeking well-developed characters and fascinating content we can’t stop thinking about. We do not publish genre fiction, but we are open to experimental styles and allegorical approaches. If your work is a tad bit absurd, even better!

From the editors:

  Caleb: "I like a story that has that one extra thing lingering in the room."

  Riley: "I like a story that eats its young."

  Grace: "I like a story that makes me forget I'm sitting on the toilet while I read it."

The question we find ourselves asking a lot of the time is, "Is it enough?" Meaning, this story was fun, or interesting, or for the most part, pretty good, but does it it going to stay with us after we publish it?

In a sea of submissions, leaving an impression is the most important.